Il Gruppo Diatech partecipa a NGS 2015

We can help you achieve better results in less time with the SMARTer Stranded Total RNA Sample Prep Kit – HI Mammalian, from 100 ng–1 µg of mammalian total RNA:

Streamlined protocol from total RNA: Obtain your RNA-seq ready library in 5 hours.
Strand information retained with >99% accuracy
Works with RNA samples from a broad quality range (RIN 3-10)
Integrated with Illumina sequencing: Generate libraries with up to 96 indexes.

If you are convinced that your research will be enhanced by these features, take our NGS contest!

Tell us how you would plan to use the kit in your research project and get a chance to present your results during the next NGS Congress in London (over 400 delegates representing internationally renowned research & academic institutions, clinical research institutions, food & nutrition companies as well as leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies).

How to enter the NGS contest:

Send us a 200 words abstract of your project on before Feb. 15th, 2015. The best project will be selected by our scientific jury and the winner will be announced during the qPCR & NGS Congress 2015 in Freising, Germany in March.

The winner will get a 24 rxns kit and dedicated support for the experimental design. A 30 minutes sponsored presentation slot will be booked to present the results achieved with the SMARTer kit to the international NGS community at the November 2015 NGS Congress in London. We are also taking care of the travel and hotel for the congress!

Enter the contest! >>

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